8 Ports FTTH Fiber Optic Splitter Box

Model: MBN-FOSC-A11

Capacity: 72 Cores

PLC Splitter: 1X8 Splitter

Cable Hole: 4 In 8 Out, 12 Ports

Cable Diameter: Φ7.0-Φ16.0mm

Dimension: 315x200x120mm

Fiber Optic Splitter Box Description

Fiber optic splitter box is used to manage and distribute fiber optic cables. It helps in organizing connections and drop cables that are brought together to complete a fiber optic network FTTx communication network system. The FTTH Splitter box also serves to protect cables and keep them safe and secure from any external factors that can cause damage and disrupt the transfer of signals in a fiber optic network. Usually, fiber optic splitter boxes come in many types to serve the different needs of different types of networks. Also, it is worth noting that a fiber optic splitter box integrates storage, splicing, cable fixation, distribution, and, of course, splitting in both indoor as well as outdoor mounting boxes.

Fiber Optic Splitter Box Features

1.The Fiber Distribution Box is integrated with cable management system and a splice tray for ease of creating fiber optic connections to complete your network project.
2.The waterproof design coupled with the IP68 Protection level makes the box the best for use in environments where harsh conditions are common. The feature also increases durability
3.It is suitable for both mechanical and fusion splicing functions in fiber optic networks.
4.It’s integrated with a splice tray for splicing and a cable management system that controls and distributes a given number of fibers depending on the size of the splitter box.
5.Versatile to support a wide array of installation applications, wall and pole mounting use.
6.It has separate distribution and splicing areas to ease the management of fiber optic cables.

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